If left up to the "football gods" the names Steve Gleason and Zach Strief might have become simple side notes to overexuberant Saints fans on trivia night. Neither guy played in what could be described as a high profile position on the team.

Strief, who just recently retired played the often overlooked but so very important position of tackle on the offensive line. Gleason was known more for his special teams play, including that one very special play he made against Atlanta.

Now let's put the two former Saints together with a much bigger goal than winning a football game. Many of you know of Steve Gleason's health issues. He suffers from ALS, Lou Gehrig's disease, he has become a well-known spokesperson and advocate for those who suffer that malady.

Strief has parlayed some of his financial gains made through playing football to purchase an interest in the Port Orleans Brewing Company. It's through this avenue that Strief, who was a rookie when Gleason made "the block", and Gleason will once again be teammates.

Beer drinkers and football fans can expect the first shipment of what is currently being called " Gleason Beer" from the Port of Orleans Brewery to hit the shelves of where they buy beer about the time we kick off the football season this fall.

I fully expect "Gleason Beer" to be a good beer that does a lot of good.



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