A man from Kaplan accused of multiple charges including domestic abuse-strangulation was nabbed by Vermilion Parish Sheriff's Violent Crimes Task Force agents after a tip to Crime Stoppers of Vermilion.

It was not an easy situation to deal with, but it was resolved peacefully according to Eddie Langlinais who heads up not only Crime Stoppers of Vermilion but also the Vermilion Parish Violent Crimes Task Force.

Christopher Simon
Photo courtesy of the Vermilion Parish Sheriff's Office

Langlinais says Christopher Simon had been a fugitive from the law for some time. He had outstanding warrants for the following:

  • Domestic Abuse- Strangulation
  • Home Invasion
  • Simple Burglary
  • Theft
  • Contempt of Court

This man's case was featured on Crime Stoppers here on KPEL and on local t.v. along with social media. Based on a tip, agents went to 1012 West 5th Street in Kaplan Monday, where Simon decided not to come out. Instead, the man barricaded himself inside the home when a deputy tried to serve the warrants.

Langlinais says the decision was made to use an armored vehicle in front of the home. He says this allowed them to be able to bargain with Simon to come out safely which is exactly what happened. He gave up, he was taken into custody, and then he was booked into the Vermilion Parish Jail.

As the Director of Crime Stoppers of Vermilion, Langlinais says getting that tip is what helped them find Simon. He added,

Our Crime Stoppers program is beginning to demonstrate its value as we feature both crimes and fugitives on our local radio and tv stations.....We are excited about it and implore out viewers to promote our Crime Stoppers Program to their friends, families, and neighbors. It's a prime example of how things can work when people and law enforcement agencies come together for the greater good.......

Each Friday morning at 7:40, we interview Langlinais about what crime or fugitive is being featured. Often he will tell us that he believes the program is so popular because people are fed up with crime. While the program was dominant for many years it was given a reboot in 2021. He has told us in many interviews that everyone in law enforcement is grateful for people who reach out with tips. He says this program is showing how powerful tips are to help curb crime.

If you know anything about a crime or suspect, you can always call the Crime Stoppers of Vermilion Tips Line at 337-740-TIPS (8477). Another anonymous way to help law enforcement and maybe get some money is to download and use the P3 app on any mobile device.

If your tip leads to an arrest, you can make up to $1,000. Almost every week when we speak to Langlinais he reports that since the reboot of this program, close to fifty percent of the people who tip them don't even want the money, they just want to do their part to fight crime.

He says this arrest came together with help from the tipster and the following law enforcement agencies:

  • Vermilion Parish Sheriff's SRT
  • Vermilion Parish Patrol Division
  • Vermilion Parish Warrants Division
  • Kaplan Police Department

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