A fire in an apartment above Black's Cafe' on Saturday, May 7 destroyed the restaurant, and they are working hard to rebuild. There was significant smoke and fire damage to the apartment and restaurant. No one was injured.

One of the big stumbling blocks to being able to open again is the money needed to make repairs and refurbish the restaurant. A Gofundme account has already raised $13,000, but much more is needed.

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This Friday, June 3, a PoBoy fundraiser will be held in order to help the restaurant further its fundraising goal. According to their Facebook page, owners Trey and Jodee Ware are hoping people will come out to support this effort.

If you're interested you can pull up to 124 South Buchanan Street this Friday from 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and purchase either a chicken or pork steak PoBoy for $10. It includes a drink and a bag of chips. The address is located between West Simcoe and Second Street.

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If you have a large order that you would like to make, you can actually call in advance at 337-501-7617.

According to our colleague's story last month, Black Cafe has had to deal with flooding issues with prior events, but this time, the water damage came from above. If you would like to donate, but you don't necessarily want the Poboy lunch, you can visit a Gofundme account that was set up for them.

The owners say they are extremely happy that no one was injured in this fire, but they say their employees have been out of work since the fire happened.

They say they are extremely appreciative of everything the community has already done to help them.

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