Snakehead fish can wreak havoc and potentially destroy ecosystems. As a result, Georgia officials are urging the public that if they encounter one to "kill it immediately". Oh, snakehead fish can also breathe air and survive on land which is kind of creepy.

Snakehead fish are considered to be a non-native fish, which means they completely disrupt habitats by competing with other fish and animals for food. They can be fierce competitors which means they usually win, therefore causing other species to die off, creating a devastating domino effect.

Currently, no snakehead fish have been found in Louisiana.


"While this is the first time it's been discovered in Georgia, snakeheads have been reported in 14 states nationwide. The long, thin fish has a dark brown blotchy appearance and can grow up to three feet in length. It can also breathe air, and survive in low oxygenated systems, including on land, officials said."


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