This weekend, you can save money on items that you would put in your hurricane preparedness kit.

This Saturday, May 27 and Sunday, May 28 you will only pay 3 percent, instead of the usual 5 percent, on a variety of items that typically you might need to use during a hurricane.

The tax reduction is good up to the first $1,500 of each of the eligible items.

Louisiana's Department of Revenue says that a multiple variety of batteries will be exempt from the full five percent of the state sales tax. You will save on any cell phone charger and any cell phone batteries along with AAA, AA, C, D, 6 volt and 9 volt batteries.

You will get the savings on the purchase of any weather band radio, self-powered radio or two-way radio.

Others items that will be exempt from the full five percent tax include the following:

  • Any self-powered portable light source which includes flashlights and candles
  • Tarps or flexible waterproof sheeting
  • Anchor systems or any tie-down kits
  • Diesel fuel tank or any gas tank
  • Any ice chest type item that is nonelectric, so you can store your perishable food items
  • Portable generators that provide communications, light or that are used to preserve your perishable food
  • Any "blue ice" products to keep things cool
  • Storm shutters

You will also only pay 3 percent of the 5 percent state sales tax on any carbon monoxide detector that you buy.

Louisiana state officials remind everyone to prepare ahead of time, so that if a hurricane threatens your home, you have the items you need to either stay put or travel to a safety location.

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