The Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness is deploying employees and coordinating assistance from other state agencies for Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey response and recovery efforts.

GOHSEP spokesman Mike Steele says there is a wide range of needs right now in Florida and Georgia, and ongoing cleanup in Texas, and the state is happy to help.

"Some of the crews going now specialize in everything from state assistance agreements, the methods that are out there," said Steele. "We also have search and rescue teams going.

Steele says the state-to-state system was developed after Hurricane Andrew in 1992. He says Louisiana has a lot of experience in what to do after a storm hits.

"We're normally one of the first state's to lend this type of assistance," said Steele.

Steele says GOHSEP's Deputy-Director is also in the Lone Star State to help develop potential temporary housing options based on the Shelter at Home Program. He says officials in Texas are considering the program with some of the improvements recommended by Louisiana.

"Texas will have a critical need just like we did after the flooding, for housing," said Steele. "And so they are looking at several different ways to get through it."

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