An e-mail sent out to Guns N’ Roses fans today (Nov. 26) is being interpreted as another clue that the "classic" lineup of the band may be reuniting. While it didn’t contain any specific news on that hotly speculated topic, it did announce the arrival of new merchandise that features the group's original members.

At Guns N’ Roses’ website, you can find holiday gifts like blankets, and ornament and a hockey jersey emblazoned with the Appetite for Destruction cover, or a cross with caricatures of the five original band members as skeletons. Though that may not seem like a big deal — many bands of a certain vintage regularly trade on the iconography of previous incarnations — Alternative Nation notes that Slash and Axl Rose have feuded over the trademarks of their old logos in the past decade, and that legal documents say that the trademarks are currently joint-owned by those two and Duff McKagan.

Consequence of Sound has done some digging on the subject. Earlier today they wrote, “According to our own sources, GNR is indeed fielding offers for a potential reunion tour, with Coachella among the band’s biggest suitors. However, as of last month, the band was undecided on a long-awaited comeback.”

Alternative Nation says that the Coachella lineup will be released Jan. 5, 2016.

So, while again, we stress that there has been not a single word of confirmation from the band, we’re going to have a little fun with all this speculation. We’re debuting a Guns N’ Roses “Reunion Meter,” which we’re currently setting at “Anything Goes.” As we learn more, we’ll move the needle one way or the other.

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