Sorry, blue/white/whatever-color-you-were dress, there's a new pile of confusing clothes in town. Say hi to the Internets latest color illusion craze, the grey and mint Nike outfit ... or is it pink and white?

I'm pretty confident that those fancy Nike flops, shorts and tank top are grey and a light bluish/mint color. Sorry, I don't know the exact Pantone color name or number, maybe Pantone 331 C or 317 U? Whatever, it's a light bluish green.

That pile of Nike swag is clearly grey and some shade of light blue/green. I mean, that seems like a no brainer to me, but according to the girl who posted the photo to Facebook, she doesn't know how anyone sees anything "other than pink and white". What? Is that real life?

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe we'll never know the real color of the mysterious Nike outfit. The only question left to ask is, what color do you see?


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