Y'all don't laugh. A hilarious sketch has led to a man's identity after he allegedly robbed a farmer's market last week.

The man here reportedly stole cash from a farmer's market in Lancaster, Pennsylvania last week, and then he took off. Fortunately an eyewitness saw what went down and then drew this hilarious sketch of the alleged robber.

Surprisingly enough, a detective had an idea who the thief may be after looking at this sketch. Yes, the drawing worked!

Last I read, Police have yet to locate the man, but they know who Hung Phouc Nguyen is. Once they locate him he's facing a misdemeanor charge of theft by unlawful taking.

I'll never laugh at hilarious sketches again because they sometime appear to work. And while we're at it, we should applaud the detective for looking at this amateur sketch and identifying the suspect.

Oh, doesn't the sketch look like the leprechaun sketch from Mobile, Ala.?

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