If you follow any media news, you know about the 3 CNN staffers who were asked for their resignations earlier this week. Those fired include the writer and editor of a story that linked a Trump campaign worker, Anthony Scaramucci, with a controversial Russian banker. The story cited one source who ended up being wrong. The story was false and CNN.com removed it from the city.

The New York Post is reporting the network faced a $100 million dollar lawsuit over the story. Details of that suit have not been made public and have not been confirmed by the network.

CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker addressed the resignations during a meeting with CNN staffers on Tuesday. Quotes were published in the Tuesday edition of the "Reliable Sources" newsletter:

"People are trying to attack us, trying to take us down... Our reputation is everything; that is our currency, and that's why we have processes in place... If you don't follow those procedures, you don’t work here, period."


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