Hats off to Hub City Diner for publicly recognizing one of their most loyal employees.

Ten years ago, Aaron Tate joined the Hub City Diner team when he graduated from Lafayette High School. Before that, Aaron and his mother were regulars at the diner every weekend after church. Aaron was instantly recognized for his impeccable style—always in a suit and tie, reading the newspaper and very cordial with the waitstaff.

When Aaron joined the staff after high school, everyone already loved him and soon the community would follow suit. His work ethic and his attention to detail are second to none. Aaron always puts on an infectious smile and brightens up any room that he walked into.

Since his first day on the job, he has cared about the business as if it were his own. He has always called the owner Mr. Jimmy, but Mr. Jimmy and the staff have another name for him:


It's even on his nametag—and today, Mr. Jimmy publicly called Aaron up to give him another title and luckily the heartwarming moment was caught on video.

So if you stop by Hub City Diner anytime soon, be sure to ask for Aaron and let him know that he's doing a great job!

And while you're there, be sure to try the milkshake.

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