As Hurricane Ida comes onshore near Grand Isle Louisiana, Grand Isle Police Chief Scooter Resweber says the weather in Grand Isle has deteriorated quickly.

The wind gauge just broke clocking winds at 148 mph. This is the worst we've ever seen. -Police Chief Scooter Resweber

At this hour, Ida is a Category 4 hurricane packing winds of 150 mph off the coast of Grand Isle Louisiana as the eyewall moves slowly Northwest at 13 mph. Tidal surges could reach as high as 13 feet. Rainfall amounts may total as much as 8 inches.

We have an old chicken coup in our town. Everybody jokes about it lasting through every hurricane. Right now that chicken coup is peeling back. -Police Chief Scooter Resweber

The Police Chief is in a bunker that can take winds up to 200 mph.

We're watching this hurricane through a big bulletproof window. Buildings are peeling away. The flooding is catastrophic. -Police Chief Scooter Resweber

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