Garth Brooks is playing the Cajundome for what will be five incredible nights June 23rd. 24th, 25th, 30th and July 1st. Garth has policies in place for fans to do everything he can to make sure you don't get ripped off. We spoke with the good folks over the Cajundome to get some clarification for you, and here's what we found out.

Below, you'll find the information in question and answer form. Our questions will be in black, and the Cajundome's answers will be in red.

QUESTION - If any ticket was purchased via credit card, either on-line or over the phone, will the I.D. and credit card of the person who purchased the tickets be required for entry?

ANSWER -  "Any ticket that was purchased via credit card, either online or over the phone, and that ticket is marked credit card entry only (aka paperless) then YES, the patron who bought the tickets must present I.D. and EXACT CREDIT CARD USED at the door for entry."

Special Note: Select seats protected with paperless delivery. More information head over to

QUESTION: Is EVERY ticket purchased with a credit card considered a 'credit card entry' ticket?

ANSWER: No, not every ticket purchased is credit card entry. It was set-up by seat location. If you are not sure, keep an eye out for an email that will provide the options after the delayed delivery (you should see 'delayed delivery' when logging in to your Ticketmaster account.

ticketmaster delayed delivery

QUESTION - If someone bought tickets for other people and credit card entry is the delivery option, does purchaser have to have all ticket holders present when entering the Cajundome? 

ANSWER - Yes, as ticket transfer is not available at this event

QUESTION - Can you give us any information regarding why the tour management has this policy in place we can share with our audience?

ANSWER - To protect Garth’s fans, he has required these policies be put in place.

QUESTION - Is a slow-down expected at the door related to these policies?

ANSWER - No there should not be a delay. We should have a paperless ticket set of doors, and a regular ticket set of ticket doors. Clearly labeled doors, no mixing of the lines.

QUESTION - Any recommendations regarding how to most efficiently get into the show?

ANSWER - CAJUNDOME recommends getting here earlier than expected to park and get in the proper lines and follow the ticketing guidelines and recommendations for your type of ticket.

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