New Orleans Saints Cam Jordan and Mark Ingram are close friends, but it doesn't keep them from competing against one another at everything.

Taken 4 picks apart from one another in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft, both have represented the Saints in the Pro Bowl, and done admirable charity work off the field.

Yesterday, the two competed for charity in an epic lip sync battle showdown on the Carnival Dream Cruise ship.

The winner would take home $10,000 for charity, with the runner-up adding $5000.

Jordan competed for United Way, while Ingram performed for the Mark Ingram Foundation. He founded it in 2011, with a focus on helping children who has a parent (or parents) incarcerated.

Jordan won by fan vote, although Ingram claimed it was "rigged".

Judge for yourself.

(Cam Jordan doing his best Usher)

(Mark Ingram channels his inner hair band lead singer with Whitesnake)

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