Clearly, Michelle wishes her life in the White House could have been this easy.

While appearing at Apple's WWDC earlier this week, the Former First Lady described how much she was scrutinized for what she wore—especially for state dinners and other similar events, while her husband, Barack, always got away with wearing the same thing.

Literally—Obama loved his tuxedo jacket so much he wore the same one for eight years.

Now, people take pictures of the shoes I wear, the bracelets, the necklace — they didn’t comment that for eight years he wore the same tux, same shoes. And he was proud of it too. He’s like, ‘Mmm, I’m ready. I’m ready in 10 minutes. How long did it take you?’ I’m like, ‘Get out of here.’

What's impressive is that as critical as people are about Obama (and just about every other President serving in the social media age) no one ever picked up on it.

I can't blame him, because when I find something I really like, I pretty much wear it all the time, too.

US President Barack Obama hosts Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi for official visit and state dinner
Shawn Thew - pool, Getty Images

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