The federal government is investigating claims that a former deputy of the Iberia Parish Sheriff's Office used excessive force when dealing with an inmate in the parish's correctional center in 2012.

The video, which was obtained by the Advocate and which was subpoenaed as part of a the investigation being presented to a federal grand jury, shows a deputy, identified as David Prejean, crossing the yard and pulling the inmate, Marcus Robicheaux, to the ground. Robichaux is then attacked by Prejean's dog and eventually by Prejean, who is seen stomping and kicking Robichaux.

According to the incident report Prejean filed, also obtained by the Advocate, Robicheaux is said to have ignored direct commands and then tried to rock up and strike the police dog. The video does not show Robichaux trying to hit the dog, according to the Advocate.

"In a quick reaction, I gave Robicheaux a leg strike to Robicheaux's left side and attempted to roll Robicheaux onto his stomach and into a prone position so he could be handcuffed," the report reads.

Prejean was fired in January, according to Sheriff Louis Ackal, more than two years after the incident took place.

The previous warden of the correctional facility, Wesley Hayes, told the Advocate he submitted a report of the incident, as well as the video footage, to at least two high-ranking officials within the department. Neither official took any action, Hayes said.

Hayes has since filed a civil suit against the sheriff's office, in which he contends he was fired from his job for attempting to report misconduct and corruption within the office.

Maj. Ryan Turner with the sheriff's office told KPEL he could not comment on the incident because of the ongoing federal investigation.

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