The real Jesus was known to walk on water, but #TinderJesus is out here making waves.

UPDATE: As it would turn out, the viral sensation known as "Tinder Jesus" is definitely from Lafayette, and the story behind the Tinder account is just as good as you would expect.

Some guy decided to make a Tinder profile pretending to be Jesus, and based on some of the interaction posted by people who matched up with him, dude seems pretty committed to the #TinderJesus character.

My only question: Is #TinderJesus from Lafayette?

I ask because the background of his picture looks exactly like Girard Park, and while I'm sure other parks may have that design, that really looks like Girard Park in the background. There is even a Facebook page dedicated to tracking down the "Girard Park Jesus."

In an update from a conversation someone asks to meet #TinderJesus in the Boston area, but he wasn't nearby. Could it be because #TinderJesus is from the Acadiana area?

Whether or not #TinderJesus is from Lafayette, his antics have caught the attention of Buzzfeed and some others in the internet world. Not everyone is happy about his account, but it's not stopping #TinderJesus from dropping game on his Tinder matches.

If by any chance you know this guy, or maybe have made a match with #TinderJesus, let us know in the comments.

In the meantime, check out the Buzzfeed write up on this holy hilarity.

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