It’s not exactly shocking to anyone that crime happens everywhere, including here in Texas. There are people that choose to use and distribute drugs which is highly illegal but they take that chance anyway but there are thousands of law enforcement officials that are working to shut down the crime and drugs. Recently there was a traffic stop by the Texas Department of Public Safety that ended in a huge drug bust. 

The incident took place on Tuesday, April 16th as Francisco Marquez-Carretero, Tania Rodriguez-Hernandez, and Christian Martinez Caudillo were pulled over for a traffic violation just after 5:00 pm in McAllen, Texas. After a vehicle search by police, there were 90 cellophane wrapped bundles found in a pallet of dried goods. The substance of those bundles tested positive for cocaine and all three were taken into custody. 

The Investigation Continued After Traffic Stop 

After the $2 million dollars in cocaine was discovered law enforcement then took the investigation further and went to a residence where multiple rifles were found. In total 3 AR-15's and 1 AK-47 was removed from the home. All suspects were taken to the Hidalgo County Jail and are facing charges of manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance. 

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Special Lone Star Operation 

The Texas DPS officers that made the traffic stop is part of an initiative by Texas Governor Abbott to stop illegal drugs from crossing the border. A huge thank you to all law enforcement officers in Texas who are trying their best to keep drugs out of Texas.  

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