Traveling is one of my favorite things in life, don’t get me wrong I love living here in the great state of Texas. But we live is a big, beautiful world that has so much to see and do and I don’t want to miss out on any of it before I’m older and it’s more difficult for me to get around. But sometimes there are places that we should avoid for right now for one reason or another which is why I wanted to discuss some of the countries you should probably avoid traveling to for a variety of reasons. 

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Because traveling is such a passion, I was looking at an article recently created by That’s Viral Now, as they were discussing the countries that all Americans should avoid going to at all costs. Seeing as how I don’t keep up on what’s going on in other countries as much as I should I wanted to see what information this article produced and it helped me understand why it might be best to avoid these places at least for right now. 

Never Put Yourself in Danger 

The last thing you want to do when traveling is put yourself in any danger. We know that bad things happen everywhere but knowing what to avoid is important. Just a friendly reminder that while on vacation it’s probably not a good idea to drink to much in a place you’ve never been before, it can create a bad situation. 

Let’s Look at the Countries You Should Avoid for Now 

If you’re looking for places to go and countries to visit you might want to stay away from these countries.  

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