As long as I've lived in Texas, East Texas to be specific, I have always been fascinated at how odd the weather is here. Let me explain - we have summer for about eight months of the year followed by a mixture of the other three seasons for four months. There is barely a distinct separation amongst fall, winter and spring. Right now in Texas, we're experiencing a false spring, sunny days with highs in the upper 60s to lower 70s. Which means that we still have an artic front or two to deal with that drop temperatures into the 30s. Here's when that second winter will hit Texas.

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Winter in Texas

Winter is a funny season in Texas. It arrives in mid-December with temperatures remaining in the 50s or even 60s. We'll have some mornings in the 30s or even 20s but rebound into the 50s by the afternoon. Then we'll get an artic blast that'll drop our highs into the teens, we'll possibly get some ice or light dusting of snow, that'll last two to four days followed by highs again in the 40s or 50s. Things will slowly warm up to where we'll have the feeling of spring across the area by mid-January then another artic blast pushes through in February that'll drop our temperatures from highs in the 70s to highs in the 30s. This is why we have no idea what to wear this time of year.

Upcoming Forecast

There are some forecast models that believe an artic blast is headed our way possibly next week. For instance, the good ole reliable Farmer's Almanac says that February 9 through Valentine's Day, we could see rain and snow in the northern part of Texas with rain in the southern part of Texas with the whole state being cold (

Internet Meteorologists

Of course, the internet has to weigh in on this subject being 100% sensationalized with about an 80% accuracy rate.

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What KLTV is Saying

Our weather partners at KLTV have a different opinion as to what the weather could be for the next week. Looking at their 10 day forecast, we'll see lows next Monday and Tuesday mornings (February 12 and 13) in the low to mid 30s with highs those days in the low 50s and 60s with a warming trend into Friday, February 16.

Personally, I will take our our local forecasters word over any other source and believe that our second winter won't be taking place. But then, there is always that Easter cold snap so maybe that will be our second winter.

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