So many people here in Texas want the same thing when finding a place to raise a family. We want somewhere where our family can feel safe and doesn’t have to worry about their own personal safety daily. But luckily there are plenty of those places here in the lone star state. Part of that is because there are just a lot of good people here in Texas, but law enforcement also holds people accountable when they break the law.  

Besides safety there are lots of other factors that go into picking a place to raise a family. You’re going to want to know home prices, so you’re in an area that you can afford. Then you will want to look at the schools in the area to make sure they are going to provide your kids with a good education. While I don’t have kids myself, I can understand how this could turn into a difficult and stressful decision.  

Lots of Great Areas to Raise a Family in Texas 

Most people want to raise a family in a small town where kids can play outside and don’t have to worry too much about crime. There are quite a few areas where your family could be happy in Texas and many of those places are highlighted in the list below.  

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Let’s Look at the Best Counties for Raising a Family in Texas 

You’re going to be happy in most areas of Texas. But here is a list of the best counties to raise a family here in the lone star state.  

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You're probably familiar with the 5 points on a Texas star and here is what they mean.

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