TikTok challenges can be a fun thing to do to video and put on the platform. It can get a few likes and provide a few laughs for those watching. There are some challenges, however, that can do more harm than good. Those include challenges with stunts that could injure the participant or participants, food challenges that could make the participant or participants sick or even challenges that could land the participant or participants in jail. This latest challenge involves a very useful tool for iPhones users that is used incorrectly and is actually illegal to do.

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112 Challenge

iPhone users can say the phrase of "Siri, one twelve" and the phone will begin a three second countdown before it calls 911. This is a really great feature to use in the event of an emergency but the latest challenge on TikTok takes this feature and abuses it. This has lead to some teenagers getting arrested because of it. We tell you this because it is very important to tell your teenager to not become a participant in this TikTok challenge. It will result in possible jail time and a large fine. It's not worth it.

Texas Penal Code §42.061

Under Texas Penal Code §42.061, it is illegal to make a prank call to 911. This includes making a call and then hanging up when the operator answers. 911 call centers are able to immediately identify the phone number that calls even if the caller hangs up upon being answered. Punishment could include up to one year in jail and up to a $4,000 fine (KXAN).

So yeah, TikTok challenges can be fun, but there are certain ones that are not worth participating in.

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