We all know that crime happens here in the great state of Texas, let’s be honest, crime happens everywhere. Including theft, which I will never understand, because you’re putting your freedom at risk over a few items when you could just go to work and pay for those items in a day or two. The risk is never worth the reward when you’re talking about taking items that don’t belong to you. But I was still curious as to what are the most stolen items from Walmart stores here in Texas. 

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Around the holidays we always seem to see crime rise a bit, my guess is that has to do with people feeling desperate to provide for their families, which is sad that people would turn to breaking the law. We all want to take care and provide for our families but stealing items is not how you do that. If you need help this holiday season there are resources available, but you need to reach out, nobody knows you need help if you don’t ask. 

Walmart Tracks Theft Constantly 

Stealing items is never okay, but even if you do take something without paying, there is a chance the company knows about it. These big companies invest millions of dollars into stopping shoplifters. There are videos all over the internet of thieves being caught. This is your warning, don’t steal anything, it’s not worth it. 

Let’s Look at the Items That Are Stolen the Most 

When looking at Walmart stores here is a list of 8 of the most stolen items taken by shoplifters. 

8 Most Stolen Items from Walmart Stores

Here is a look at 8 of the most stolen items from Walmart stores.

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