Every single person in Texas would love to have a better life, one where money was not an issue, and you could spend all day with friends and family. Unfortunately, that is not reality as we all know that we have bills to pay so we need to go to work to earn money and pay those bills. But sometimes it can be difficult to find good paying jobs. There are lots of factors that go into unemployment rates, let’s look at counties in Texas with the highest unemployment rates. 

Because I am not a business guru of any kind, I wanted to research online what causes unemployment rates to change, and I quickly found that there are lots of factors involved. Often, unemployment rates can change due to companies expanding and contracting their workforce, sometimes unrelated to employee output. Other factors include social and economic forces that affect the labor market, but as you can tell some of these factors are out of people’s control.  

Unemployment Rates in Texas Will Always Be Changing 

Just like most things in life, change is going to happen, and that includes the unemployment rate in Texas. The good thing is that we have so many hard-working people that want to provide for their families, most can adapt and adjust to careers if it means making a better life for their family. Also, if you’re let go from a company and it’s not your fault, don’t beat yourself up, another job will come. 

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Let’s Look at Texas Counties with High Unemployment Rates 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Texas counties with the highest unemployment rates.  

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Stacker compiled a list of the counties with the highest unemployment in Texas using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Counties are ranked by unemployment rate in November 2023.

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