Listen, we're all busy, and we've all got lawns to mow. But are there hours of the day that it is illegal to do that here in Texas? I'm glad you asked.

On top of maintaining busy schedules that keep us from mowing our lawns, in Texas, it's hot af. It's not always easy to make yourself go outside and mow it when it's 110 degrees at 5 pm on a Saturday in July.

But are there certain hours of the day, when it comes to loud yardwork like mowing outside, that could get you into legal trouble? Are there certain hours of the day that you are legally not allowed to loudly trim your own bushes?


Well, here in The Lone Star State, it's not clear-cut. While some states explicitly state hours that you are not allowed to mow, in most parts of Texas, as a whole, no such law exists. However, be sure to check your local ordinances.

But anyone with common sense should be able to understand when a loud lawnmower could be considered a nuisance. Here's what Texas Law has to say about that:

Nuisance is a common term used to refer a condition that may cause someone, often a neighbor, to feel inconvenienced or annoyed. Nuisances can be either public (affecting the general public) or private (affecting a specific person).

Public nuisances are regulated at both the state and local level. A private nuisance often requires filing a lawsuit if the parties cannot resolve the matter on their own. Read more here.

Listen, despite there not being an explicit law regulating when loud yard work should start and end, it is generally unacceptable to start yard work before 7 a.m., and you should try to wrap it up by 9-10 p.m.

I'd recommend following this general rule for the simple sake of being a good neighbor. If you've just gotta mow in the middle of the night, look into one of those electric mowers, some of them are very quiet.

Besides being neighborly, early morning (6 – 8 a.m.), is not recommended for mowing anyway. It's one of the worst times of the day to mow, as your grass is still wet from the morning dew. This will make it messy and hard on your mower.

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