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A drink loved by many in Texas is now officially gone.

Luckily this isn't a story about Dr. Pepper or Big Red being pulled off of shelves. If that were true we would have an all-out mutiny on our hands.

Either one is a great way to cool off during a hot Texas summer.  Both of those soda brands started in Texas, and are now part of larger companies.

This Popular Soft Drink Is Being Pulled Off Texas Shelves 

According to The Street, PepsiCo has discontinued the entire MTN Dew Energy line of sodas that they started in 2021. The company is also hoping to convert MTN Dew Energy customers over to their Rockstar energy drink brand.

MTN Dew Energy Closing Up Shop - Discover Rockstar Energy For Your Energy Needs. Thanks For The Support, Fam!

Entire Product Line Of MTN Dew Energy Has Been Discontinued 

All of this is going on while Mountain Dew is celebrating another of their popular MNT Dew products - Baja Blast. It started as an exclusive Taco Bell flavor, available since 2004.

They are currently celebrating the 20th "Bajaversary" on the Mountain Dew website. PepsiCo is touting the fact that they are going to make the popular drink available all the time now.

The Mexican-inspired Tropical Lime flavor was dangled as a limited release in stores, outside of Taco Bell, starting ten years ago. PepsiCo did limited runs and it was always a big hit.

Now they are going to bring us a "Tropical Lime Storm" as a more permanent fixture.

See if any of your other favorites have been discontinued.

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