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  • There could be a question on the Republican primary ballot about Texas secession.
  • This question will only be used to gauge the interest of Texas voters in becoming an independent nation again.
  • Texas nationalists have pushed for this to be on the ballot for years.

Texas has a history of successfully seceding from different countries. We stopped being a part of Mexico in 1836 and briefly became an independent nation.

During the Civil War, we seceded again, this time from the US. Since 1870 we have been a part of the USA and leaving would be seen as treason by our current country's government.

Some see our current political climate in Texas as an indicator that voters might agree with them on starting a conversation about leaving the US once again. Technically no state can secede because they do not have that right by law, so how can we leave?

Could A Real Texas Secession Happen Again?

This 'reexamining' of Texas and our current status as a state has been brought up many times since rejoining the United States. According to Newsweek the Texas Nationalist Movement, or TEXIT, has been working to make Texas an independent nation for nearly 20 years.

After years of failed bills to entertain the idea, Texas Republicans have now made secession talks a part of their party platform. That support might finally lead to a vote on the issue.

Even if the question makes it onto a ballot, it doesn't mean that Texas will secede if voters say yes. It will just be a poll of sorts to see what the voters have to say about it.

Do you think Texas should try to be its own country again? Message us via the app and let us know.

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