As the high school football season came to a close last weekend in Texas, let's see who is the best of the best in the country.

Sports Illustrated Annual Top Ten High School Football Teams

Being the best in Texas in your division and class is one thing. Being considered one of the best high school football teams in the country takes it to a whole new level. Congratulations to two programs in Texas that cracked the top ten for the 2023 rankings.

Number Two in the Country (DeSoto Eagles)

Sports Illustrated called them the people's champion and I have to agree with them considering they put a school that had one loss in front of them is kinda messed up. The DeSoto Eagles went undefeated the entire season, 16-0 record. Also they have a player that is going quite viral online for his match up last weekend in the playoffs.

Bryon Washington is Somehow in High School

Poor number 11, getting absolutely manhandled. No way in hell I would want to lineup against this guy. Only one other school in Texas cracked the top ten for Sports Illustrated and that would be?

Number Seven in the Country (Duncanville Panthers)

Just like the DeSoto Eagles, the Duncanville Panthers won back to back state championships. Duncanville finished the season with a 14-1 record. The only loss they had in the regular season? To those DeSoto Eagles mentioned above. I am sure many wanted more Texas high schools in the top ten. If you would like to check out the full article from Sports Illustrated, you can read it here.

Texoma High School Mascot Battle, Who Wins?

If you put all the mascots in Texoma up against each other in a fight, who comes out on top? I did a full breakdown on the science behind each logo this morning and we go from worst to first.

Gallery Credit: Stryker

More Texoma High School Mascot Rankings

Today we go further into our mascot fight. Represented today is Wilbarger, Baylor, and Young counties. See where your favorite mascot lands in today's battle.

Gallery Credit: Stryker