We have been hearing about it for months. A total solar eclipse will be hitting parts of Texas in just a few weeks and some parts of Texas you will not get the same experience.

Path of Totality for April 8th, 2024 Solar Eclipse

Above is a video of where the solar eclipse's path of totality will be hitting us in America. Millions are supposedly flocking to Texas to witness this rare event. Texas will not experience another event like this until August 23rd, 2044. If you missed it, I have already given you the best cities in Texas to experience the solar eclipse. Now let's do the worst.

Denton, Texas

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The cities I am going to list today will not get a 100% solar eclipse city wide. For instance, Denton will experience 99.95% coverage. If you want full coverage. Drive just south to Lake Lewisville to experience the full thing.

Austin, Texas

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Yes our state capital appears to be in the path of totality in that video above, but in reality. Not really. If you're in downtown Austin, yeah you will experience the total solar eclipse. The southeast part of the city and where the airport is. You folks will be missing out on 100% coverage.

San Antonio, Texas

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San Antonio is another city that appears in the path of totality, but it's only certain parts of San Antonio. In reality, the Northwest suburbs of San Antonio will only experience the full solar eclipse. The popular San Antonio River Walk (pictured above) and City Center is outside the path of totality. If you plan on watching the solar eclipse, don't do it there.

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All info has been taken from Forbes. If you plan on watching the solar eclipse, please wear proper eye protection. Remember it's the sun right behind the moon.

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