The house that served as the setting for the classic Christmas movie Home Alone is real, and it's even more impressive in real life.

The 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom, 4,243-square-foot house in Winnetka, Ill., was an integral part of Home Alone, which followed the misadventures of young Kevin McAllister (Macaulay Culkin).

He winds up alone in his family's home over the holidays after they mistakenly leave him behind when they fly to Paris for Christmas, and he undergoes a string of comical mishaps as he tries to outwit two men who are planning to rob the house while he's the only one home. The stellar cast for the 1990 smash hit film included Joe Pesci, John Heard, Daniel Stern, Catherine O'Hara and John Candy, and its success turned Culkin into a major child star.

The real-life house features the same exterior color scheme that it did during filming, according to pictures online, and the Georgian-style home has a somewhat formal feel to it, with high ceilings, generously sized rooms and an open flow between the various living spaces.

The home's current estimated value of $2,407,953 breaks down to $568 per square foot and a monthly payment of $14,892, according to online property sites. The luxury property last sold in 2012 for $1,585,000.

Scroll through the photos below to see inside the house from Home Alone, and keep scrolling to see inside famous TV houses from Dallas and Yellowstone.

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The house that served as the setting for the Christmas classic Home Alone is real, and it's even more impressive in real life.

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