Black bears are all over the state of Louisiana, but when one is spotted close to home it just means more.

In recent years we have seen more and more black bears near or in local communities and the latest one was recently spotted just north of I-10 in Acadiana.

These bears are often looking for food and are not out hunting people, but you still need to be aware of their presence if you have pets or small children.

A large black bear was reportedly caught on a game camera this time between the communities of Church Point and Sunset, north of Lafayette.

Again, the black bear population in Louisiana is very healthy, and these large animals are showing up closer to homes and communities, but one way to not attract them is to never leave a food source out for them.

Wildlife and Fisheries reminds you to not leave your garbage out before pickup and if it is left out, make sure that it is secure in a trashcan.

Now, if you ever come across a black bear on your property, you are encouraged to call Wildlife and Fisheries at  (337) 262-2080, and never approach a wild animal.

In a recent report, it was announced that the LDWF will host a lottery to allow hunters in the state to harvest black bears, due to the abundance in Louisiana. The season will be open From Dec. 7-22 of 2024, this is the first hunting season for bears here since 1987.

Here's the recent photo of the bear on the loose in or around St Landry and Acadia Parishes.

Dustin Aguillard
Dustin Aguillard

In another photo shared on the Louisiana Black Bear Report Facebook Page, you can see another Black Bear after a few piglets in Avoyelles Parish.

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