Black bears are part of nature in South Louisiana and they are everywhere, but each time we see one out in the wild it's special.

In recent years we've seen more and more bears in places that you wouldn't expect to see them and some say it's because their natural habitat is forcing them out and into more civilized places.

While that may be a great theory, we do know that the black bear population in Louisiana has grown, so much that the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is considering a lottery to let hunters here hunt the bears.

So yes, black bears are everywhere in Louisiana and it's not just in isolated areas of the state, they are everywhere.


Let's get to a few photos that surfaced on social media that show a black bear in a tree. The bear was reportedly spotted in Henderson, Louisiana.

Anytime we think of Henderson, Louisiana images of large alligators come to mind, but this time it's a black bear and it was nestled in a tree.

Qwen Thibeaux reportedly spotted the bear and she says that she was shocked to see a bear in the area, while others commenting on the photos say that they have seen several in the area, that is swampy.

Check out these photos from Henderson.


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