An overturned 18-wheeler in South Louisiana did some major damage to the Basin Bridge  Friday afternoon.

Several social media posts were sent to us and they show an extensive amount of damage to the guard rail of the bridge on I-10 West.

State Police say that the cab of the truck struck the railing, thus forcing the cab of the truck to flip over, while the trailer remained upright.

Traffic was backed up for miles as State Police worked to clear the scene and evaluate the damage done to the bridge.

We will continue to follow this story on I-10, however, if you know anyone heading towards Lafayette from Baton Rouge you may want to suggest that they take Hwy 190 to Opelousas, then I49 North.

Here's a video from someone traveling in the opposite direction on I-10. You can see that there's major damage done to the bridge at the scene of this accident.


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