Temperatures are warming up in south Louisiana and many will soon water their flower beds, lawns, and gardens.

However, did you know that the Lafayette Utilities System has a water conservation ordinance on the books? That means you are only allowed to water your lawn on certain days during a certain time of the year.

In addition to that, LUS does not allow citizens within Lafayette Parish to water their lawns at all on one designated day of the week.

This is done to conserve water during the Spring and Summer months and to help maintain the water pressure in the parish. The last thing anyone wants is for there to be low water pressure in their community when firefighters have to battle a large blaze.

So, starting in May through September Lafayette Parish citizens are not allowed to water their laws on Mondays. You may water your lawn on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday for those with an even number of addresses.

For those who reside with odd number addresses, your designated days to water your lawn are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.


There are a few exceptions to watering in your yard and this is very interesting. If you are holding your hose while watering in your yard, you may do so on any given day of the week. The ordinance only applies to automated lawn watering (with a sprinkler).

Also, if you have put sod down in your yard, you are allowed to water it on any given day. Plus, if you have a business that requires water to operate, you are exempt from this ordinance and may use water on any given day,

For more on this Lafayette Parish ordinance, click HERE. 

To report anyone who is not following the ordinance outlined in the parish, you can call (337) 291-5740. The first offense is a written warning; after that, you can be fined up to $500 if you are found to violate the ordinance.

All fines imposed will be added to the person's next utility bill.


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