The sports world has fallen in love with Keon Coleman, who is from Opelousas, Louisiana.

Keon was recently drafted by the Buffalo Bills and America fell in love with this young man immediately after his introductory press conference.

If you don't recall Keon discussed shopping and how he saves money by shopping for things that are out of season.

Here's a quick flashback to Keon sitting before the media after being drafted by the Bills.

Fast forward a few weeks and now the Opelousas native has seen his NFL jersey hanging in his assigned locker. The humbled young man admires what he is soon to wear, and he even asks those in the locker room if he can have the hanger that was holding his jersey in place.

It didn't stop there as Coleman was taken to the playing field of the Buffalo Bills. As you'll see below, he was like a kid in a candy store.

Keon pretends he scores a touchdown and then proceeds to explain why he threw the ball into the stands. From there the NFL rookie runs across the playing field while taking in the moment.

Many who aren't fans of the Buffalo Bills have said on social media that they are slowly becoming fans of the Bills because of Keon's attitude and enthusiasm.

Some in the national media have even expressed their excitement in covering this young man from St. Landry Parish because of how polite and genuine he is.

Check out the moment Keon sees his official jersey for the first time. What a moment and what an awesome reaction.


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