Mardi Gras parades can be hectic in Louisiana and parents who plan to bring their kids to a parade this year should include this dressing their kid.

Like some adults, when kids attend a parade they get excited and at times they get lost in the moment and that can sadly lead them to be separated from family or friends.

With beads and stuffed animals being thrown from floats for Mardi Gras, it can be very enticing for kids to run off and retrieve what is being tossed to the ground. Unfortunately, while they are running after the goodies being thrown toward them, parents too are often distracted by the surroundings.


New Orleans Celebrates Mardi Gras
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Long story short, it is very easy for kids to be separated from their parents while attending a Mardi Gras parade and the last thing anyone wants is for a kid to get lost in the crowd.

So, in the event of your child getting separated from you while at a parade this Mardi Gras season, they need to be "equipped" with something so that they can be returned safely.

Years ago while I was interviewing a police officer about safety at a parade, he made a great recommendation when he suggested that parents put a contact number (phone number) in their kid's pants pocket.

If a child gets lost, this would allow authorities to contact you and notify you of your child's whereabouts. Police are trained to search kids who get lost and one thing that they do is look for a contact number.

Writing your phone number on a piece of paper and placing it in your child's pocket can be the difference when it comes to having your child returned to you safely if they get lost at a parade.

Parades Kickoff Mardi Gras In New Orleans
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Sure, some will say that you should always keep an eye out for your kid, and while true, things happen and they can happen fast when there are so many people or distractions around.

We hope that all of you celebrating Mardi Gras stay safe, and please feel free to share this reminder with others on your social media page.


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