The pranksters are out.

A giant cow, that sits in the parking lot of Saia’s Super Meat Market in Mandeville, was relocated by pranksters this week.

The St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office reports that employees at the meat market noticed it was missing when they arrived for work on Thursday morning.

Police were called to the store and the search was soon on.

Well, while on patrol an officer found the missing cow and it was left by the lakefront. While still on the trailer it sits on, the iconic cow was not damaged.

Those who moved it did however put air into the tires of the trailer so that they could relocate it by the lake.

According to the social media post by the Sheriff's Office, the owner of the cow/meat market will not press charges against the pranksters. They're just glad to have the cow back home.

A local towing company was able to return the cow to the parking lot where it sits and police are warning others to not take this one owner's generosity for granted.


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