Winter mornings can be a struggle even when there's no ice or snow on the ground.

How many times have you gotten into your vehicle on a cold winter morning and the windshield on your vehicle is fogged over?

Well, that's because of the build-up of moisture or condensation in your vehicle.

So, what can you do to prevent your windshield from fogging over on cold winter mornings? There's a pretty simple hack out there and I want to share that with you because cooler mornings are knocking.


If you put Kitty Litter in a sock and leave it in your vehicle, the litter will absorb the moisture that builds up in your vehicle, thus preventing your windshield from "fogging up."

You can place the sock, which is filled with kitty litter and tied so that it does spill out, on the dashboard of your vehicle or simply place it on the floorboard of your car or truck.

Look, there's nothing worse on a cold winter morning than having to address your windshield while trying to get the kids to school or get to work after running late.


So give this a try this winter and see if the sock with kitty litter prevents your windshield from fogging over.

One more thing, the litter you place in the sock will also help remove any foul smells you may have in your vehicle.

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