Well, here's something else to look out for if you're going to the beach this summer.

In recent weeks we have reported that sharks and even alligators are showing up near some popular gulf coast beaches.

Well, now we are here to tell you that snakes could be showing up too.

A recent photo of a snake on a beach in Destin, FL has surfaced on social media and now many are saying it's just one more thing to look out for.

While a snake on a beach may sound odd to some, those who live along the gulf coast report seeing snakes often on the beach.

I have frequented the beaches in Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi for years and I can honestly say that I have never seen a snake on the beach.

However, with food left behind and turtles nesting in the sand, I can see why snakes may be attracted to the beach.

So, with all of that said, here's one more thing you may need to look out for if you're heading to the beach this summer.

Snakes on the Beach! Doesn't that sound like a movie in the making?


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