Some in Scott, Louisiana are upset after DOTD removed signs near a roundabout.

KLFY-TV 10 reports that duck crossing signs have been removed near a roundabout in Scott and some citizens are disappointed the warning signs have been removed.

If you travel through Scott, you may have noticed that there are a lot of ducks in some areas of the small city, thus that is why officials put the signs up to alert drivers.

According to Mayor Jan Scott, the duck crossing signs were taken down by DOTD because they were in their right-of-way.


One man told KLFY that he feeds the ducks near his house, which is near one of the roundabouts, and that he hopes to see the signs return.

Some in Scott are so upset that the duck crossing signs were removed, they plan to attend the upcoming council meeting to address the no longer present signs.

So, if you are in the City of Scott in the near future, keep an eye out for the ducks as they often cross the roads without looking both ways.

Here's the report from KLFY. Simply click on the image below to watch the report from Scott, La.

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