If you've had a flat in recent days and were on I-10 near Scott, Louisiana we know where the nail or screw may have come from.

According to the Scott Fire Department's Facebook page, they responded to an automobile accident late last week and upon arrival, they were focused on rendering aid to those involved in the crash.

Once those injured were transported away from the scene, the fire department's attention shifted to the scene of the accident and that is when they noticed thousands of nails and screw scattered across the interstate.

A truck, that was towing a cargo trailer, was loaded with construction equipment, including nails and screws, when it was hit on I-10.


Police and firefighters started to pick up the nails and screws by hand, then decided to wash what was left on the side of the road.

While their efforts should be applauded there's always the chance that a few were left on the interstate, thus this could have caused a problem for some.

The accident that threw the nails and screws across I-10 happened on Thursday, May 2, 2024.

If you're wondering about the nails that were pushed off the interstate, the Scott Fire Department says, "The tow company picked up everything on the shoulder and skimmed through everything by hand and magnets in the grassy area, picking up all the items, tools, etc."

Here's the post from the Scott Fire Department.


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