Well, she's got her first buck.

Paris McKayla Kennedy posted a photo on social media and it shows her with a huge buck, that she killed.

She bragged about it being the first buck she's ever killed, but she did not go out hunting for this deer.

No, Paris was not in a deer stand when took this deer down, but rather she was driving her car. Yes, Paris hit the deer, killing it and damaging her car.


Look, I am not an insurance inspector, but this car looks like it may be totaled after this accident, but by the smile on Paris' face, I think she's just glad to have finally gotten a buck.

In all seriousness, if you travel the roads in Louisiana at night you need to be on high alert for wildlife. Like some of you, I too have seen many deer on I-10 and I-49 at night and it can be very scary when they're standing so close to the road.

Here's the viral social media post showing Paris with the deer and a damaged vehicle.


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