Are you planning to dye Easter eggs this year? Well, if you are, there is a bit of good news -- prices have dropped significantly.

Louisiana Farm Bureau spokesperson Avery Davidson said prices of eggs have dropped quite a bit. As a matter of fact, the southern average for a dozen eggs was $4.17 last year but this year it's down to $2.71.

eggs in the plate
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“Although they’re starting to trend just a little bit higher, obviously because of demand, so you can expect to spend between about $2.89 and about $3.40 for a dozen eggs right now,” said Davidson.

While this is better news, the prices now are still a bit higher than two years ago when we were paying from $1.50 to $2.00 per dozen.

Davidson said the effects of the deadly avian influenza outbreak last year continue to linger.

“In terms of the supply side, because everything is supply-demand plus inflation, when you put all those together that’s why we’re still seeing the prices not as low as they were just two years ago,” said Davidson.


Now, while we might be paying $2.89 to $3.40 per dozen this Easter, Davidson said to keep in mind that farmer's profits continue to be really low.

“You can pretty much say that about $.08 for every dollar that you spend actually makes it back to the farmer. Everything else is covering transportation, marketing, and packaging,” said Davidson.

But then again, consumers are doing much better than last year. (At least for this commodity.) The average price for a dozen eggs in Louisiana reached a peak of almost $5.00 in January 2023.

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