This little girl holding a chicken and telling it to "calm down...calm down" is the smile and mood you need today...we promise.

Little Girl Telling Chicken To Calm Down
Facebook Via Karen Brown Heard

Little Girl Telling Chicken To Calm Down

Kids and animals are usually a good time. Get some youngins paling around with some dogs, cats, and even farm animals, and fun things are going to happen.

Take this little ball of sweetness, for example, 2-year-old Effie.

Effie seemingly loves to make new animal friends.

Some people are just born bit by the animal bug and have certain talents and rapport with the animal kingdom.

Little Effie is certainly one of those people.

She loves little baby goats, kittens, dogs, and any other animals that walk her way.

In this hilarious video posted to Facebook by her Mother Karen Brown Heard, you'll see young Effie loving on chicken who becomes a bit uncertain about the situation he's in.

It's all good though, young Effie has complete control of the situation.

Effie assures the chicken everything is OK by repeatedly telling it "Calm down...calm down".

Obviously, the video wouldn't be going viral if she was simply saying "calm down...calm down".

It's going viral for the absolute adorableness of how she says it.

Enjoy Effie's viral video below and try not to say "Awww".

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