If you have been receiving Summer 2023 P-EBT benefits, you should check your account.

The Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) has disbursed $45.5 million in benefits to approximately 186,000 children through the 2022-23 School Year and Child Care Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) programs.

DCFS is also anticipating the start of an additional distribution of approximately $66.5 million in Summer 2023 P-EBT benefits. Those benefits will be issued to eligible students based on the submission of student eligibility information by schools.

If my child receives the Summer 2023 P-EBT benefits, how much money should I expect?

Each eligible child will receive a single payment of $120 to cover June and July.

For details about the Summer P-EBT, check the Parent Portal at https://dcfs.louisiana.gov/page/pebt-summer.

What about Child Care P-EBT 2023?

All Child Care P-EBT benefits were directly added to eligible children's household SNAP accounts on July 18, 2023. K-12 benefits will be issued until September as schools provide information to DCFS.

Unlike P-EBT benefits for K-12 students, these benefits are directly added to your household's SNAP Louisiana Purchase EBT cards. This means your benefits will be loaded onto the card you already have.

For information about Child Care P-EBT, visit http://dcfs.louisiana.gov/page/Child-Care_P-EBT.


Should you have questions or concerns about any of the above programs, you can contact the Department of Children and Family Services via e-mail or phone between 7:30 am and 6:00 pm Monday through Friday.

  • LAHelpU.dcfs@la.gov
  • 1-888-524-3578
  • 1-844-224-6188 TTY
  • 1-888-997-1117 EBT Card

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