Here in Louisiana, we all have different techniques and recipes when it comes to our crawfish boils, but we're pretty sure you've never seen anyone in Acadiana boil crawfish like Gordon Ramsay does.

Gordon Ramsay
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Gordon Ramsay Boils Crawfish

Gordon Ramsay is a renowned British chef, restaurateur, and television personality. Ramsay has gained international fame for his culinary skills and charismatic presence on various television shows.

Some of Gordon Ramsay's popular shows include "Hell's Kitchen," "MasterChef," and "Kitchen Nightmares."

On Season 8 of "MasterChef" Gordon Ramsay demonstrated to the show's contestants "how to properly cook live crawfish and extract the most meat."

Gordon Ramsay Boiling Crawfish
YouTube Via MasterChef On Fox

Far be it for us to scrutinize or criticize someone of Gordon Ramsay's talent, skill, and stature, but...we have some questions when it comes to his method and recipe for boiled crawfish.

However, we will give him credit for calling them crawfish and not crayfish.

Now, let's talk about how Chef Gordon Ramsay instructed his contestants on how to properly boil crawfish.

Chef Ramsay MasterChef On Fox
YouTube Via MasterChef On Fox

The first red flag we noticed that tipped us off that this crawfish boil wasn't going to go well was the sack the crawfish were held in.

We've never seen a crawfish sack like this in our lives.

It's really more of a net, a net that crawfish can easily crawl out of.

Maybe they just used a sack like this because it looks good on TV?

We sure hope so.

Next, Gordon Ramsay begins to cook the crawfish...kind of.

Can You Eat Raw Crawfish
YouTube Via MasterChef On Fox

Ramsay begins by seasoning the water with salt.

He seasons the water with only salt, that's it.

OK, fine. We all season our boil water differently, so although we don't agree with boiling crawfish in saltwater, we won't get too hung up on that.

To each their own, right?

Next he tells the contestants about how important it is to not over cook the crawfish.

That's certainly something we can agree with him on.

But then...then he tells them to boil the crawfish for 15 seconds.

That's it. He boils the crawfish for 15 seconds and then takes them out of pot to peel.


Ramsay Crawfish Boil
YouTube Via MasterChef On Fox

Yeah...if you only boil crawfish for 15 seconds, you have raw crawfish.

You can see in the pictures above and in the video below that these boiled crawfish are very, very raw.

Raw and seasoned only with salt.

Sorry Gordon Ramsay, you are absolutely one of the world's best chefs, but we need to talk about your crawfish boils.

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