Louisiana residents from Chalmette to Lake Charles and Grand Bois to Not-So Grand Bois might soon be losing their "chill" with the streaming service Netflix. And no, you can't blame Netflix for the increase in your monthly investment in their entertainment lineup. You only have yourself, okay and maybe a dozen or so other people to blame.

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The reason for all the online chaos is the simple fact that so many of us, myself included, have been "stealing" Netflix service for the past several years. Now, you might not define using someone's password that they gave to you to use as stealing. But, in the eyes of the law and now according to the new Netflix policy, someone is going to have to pay.

You're probably aware that the streaming service has announced a crackdown on sharing passwords. Well, that crackdown is arriving in Louisiana as we speak. If you check your most recent Netflix statement you might notice the charges are higher. They could be a lot higher depending on how many people have access to your password. 

Ivan Pope, Flickr
Ivan Pope, Flickr

You might want to check your email inbox or your spam filter to see if you've gotten an email from Netflix about the password crackdown. Basically, they are going to begin charging you, the primary account holder for those who access your account outside of your home. Netflix uses the word "household" in their description and by their definition, a member of your household is someone who actually lives under your roof.

So, if you're a kid away at college or you still have access to a former lover's account get ready to pay up or get cut off. One pundit with knowledge of how Netflix's password crackdown will be adjusted monetarily suggested that a person who has a password that has been spread around 20 times could see an increase of $160 per month on their bill.

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Remember, you might have only shared your password with one other person, but if they shared it with others who shared it with others who shared it with others, well you'll be looking at a large monthly payment, or you can just change your password and cut those freeloaders off.

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Netflix standard accounts make an allowance for you to share your account details with one other person. A Netflix Premium account will allow for two extra members on your account. Everyone else, will either have to pay you or pay Netflix by setting up their own account.

And if that makes you annoyed, you can just add it to our list.

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