A Walmart employee at the store in Baker, Louisiana has been arrested and charged with two felony counts after he allegedly gave away thousands of dollars worth of electronic merchandise to others without collecting payment.

After an investigation, 21-year-old Quindall Ellis is accused of organized retail theft and theft over $25,000.

The Baker Police Department was called out to the store this past Friday, December 1 after security officials reviewed recordings that showed the products being given to others.

The following notes are from the police report of the responding officer:

While in the Walmart Asset Protection office, I visually observed camera footage of the accused taking electronics from the cage and supplying 'customers' with the merchandise without taking any form credit/debit card or dollars to complete transactions. This covert action, that was repeatedly observed speaks to the overall specific intent of the defendant to permanently deprive Wal-Mart Inc of funds on what appeared to be a daily basis.

The merchandise being given away included gaming systems, audio equipment, and computers.

Baker Police Department
Baker Police Department

An initial tally valued the merchandise at around $16,000. However, Walmart is expected to provide additional documentation which will reportedly raise the amount to $35,000.

Ellis was booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on Saturday, December 2.

His first appearance in court was set for yesterday. There is no report yet on whether he was released on bond or not.

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