Fast food is truly a global affair. So much so, that Italy is getting a Popeyes.

Popeyes and Restaurant Brands Iberia, which is the parent of the master franchisees for Burger King Spain, Burger King Portugal, and Popeyes Spain, announced on Thursday that they have agreed to continue to grow the Popeyes brand into Italy.

Yes, that Italy, where they're known for some of the freshest pasta and most delicious dishes in all of the world.

But we digress because those Italians are gettin' them a Popeyes!

The chain opened its first location in nearby Spain in 2019. And now, they have 42 restaurants in that country, according to the RB Iberia website.

RB Iberia said that the first Popeyes restaurant in Italy will be opening up later this year.

Popeyes, Facebook
Popeyes, Facebook

“We are thrilled to spearhead the launch of Popeyes in Italy. It is an iconic brand, that has been well-received in Spain, and we are fully committed to its success within the Group,” said Gregorio Jiménez, chairman of Restaurant Brands Iberia. “Our company excels in managing master franchises, so we have a great business opportunity ahead of us, which will contribute to job creation in Italy and diversify the QSR market for our Mediterranean neighbor.”

So how do you think they'll "Italianize" that menu just a tad? Gnocchi and a leg with a biscuit covered in Parmigiano?

Ah, the possibilities are endless.

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