We recently asked on our social media sites about "Louisiana's Happy Place". We wanted to know if you were in your "happy place" where would you be. The overwhelming response that was given by those who answered our query? The beach.

People having party at beach with drinks
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Now, when people in Louisiana speak of "the beach" they are usually speaking of the stretch of white sand that begins in LA (Lower Alabama) and stretches to the east through the Florida Panhandle and into the area known as the Emerald Coast. If that's where you like to spend some time during your summer time off, then we have some news you'll be interested in hearing.

Are you familiar with OWA Parks and Resort? That facility is owned and operated by the Poarch Band of Creek Indians. And that group announced yesterday plans for a $50 million dollar addition and improvement to their current 520-acre footprint. Now, we want you to be excited for the new facility but you'll need to curb your enthusiasm just a bit since the new tropical resort hotel that's being added won't be ready for guests until spring of 2025.

By the way, OWA is pronounced Oh-Wah. In the Creek Indian language, it means "big water". The new luxury resort will be joining the Marriot Towne Place Suites as a lodging option when it opens in May 2025. The new resort will offer guests tropical-themed rooms, a fitness center, an arcade, a convenience store, and many other amenities.

The current OWA footprint includes the aforementioned Marriot hotel, the Tropical Falls Water Park, and the Tropic Hideaway RV Park. The OWA resort has been in operation since 2017 and is located near Foley Alabama. No, it's not directly on the beach but it's very close and it's also close to all the shopping and outlet malls that many Louisiana vacationers love to visit as well.

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